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Continuing Education Requirements

A male long-term care facility administrator is going over paperwork with a senior woman. They look at ease and she appears to appreciate his assistance.

2022 & 2023 CHANGES:

The Board voted to extend to extend the current "all online CE" waiver through 6/30/2023.  This means that if you are due to expire on 4/1/22, 7/1/22, 10/1/22, or 1/1/23 (since all renewals are due BEFORE the expiration date to not be considered late), you may have all online CEs if you wish.  NOTE:  If you renew on 7/1/203 or later, the Board is back to the only 10 online CE restriction. 

As a reminder, your CE progress bar will always show incomplete if you use more than 10 online CEs, but as long as you have 20 approved CEs, submit your online application, and pay your fee, you will be renewed.  It will take 24 to 48 hours for the system to be updated with your renewal status once you finish your renewal. The Board will continue to monitor the need for any ongoing accommodations due to COVID-19.

We hope that you find this to be helpful.  We are grateful to have such dedicated professionals in the industry during these unprecedented times.

Licensed Nursing Home Administrators (LNHA) are required to complete 20 Continuing Education Credits (CE) per renewal period and only 10 self-study can count toward those CEs  required for renewal.

Health Services Executives (HSE) are required to have an additional 4 CEs above and beyond the 20 required to renew the LNHA license, but HSEs may do all 4 of those CEs online,.  They do not count toward the limit of 10 self-study CEs per renewal.  If you are an HSE, it is possible to have 14 self-study CEs: 10 for your LNHA renewal and 4 for your HSE renewal.

There are two types of categories accepted:

  • Self-Study - Non-traditional/not in classroom presentations (e.g., webinars, on-line courses, and independent study)
    • Only (10) hours of Self-Study courses will be counted toward an LNHA’s annual license renewal.
  • In person - traditional, in-classroom presentations
    • An unlimited number of in person courses may be counted toward an LNHA’s annual license renewal.