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License Lookup

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The Nursing Home Administrator License Lookup tool allows you to verify the status of a license.

To look up an individual, please enter information into either box and then click on the "Search" button. The information requested will be available at the bottom of the screen.

To access an individual license record you can click on the link (name) provided for each record.

It is sometimes useful to enter partial information. For example, if you are unsure of the spelling of the full name, you can enter the first few letters of the last name and then click on "Search". The system will return all records that match your entry.

The licensure status of a licensee can also be verified by calling the board office at 614-466-5114. The fact that the licensure status cannot be verified on-line at this time should not be construed to mean the license is not active, valid or current. Please call the board if the data received does not reflect expectations.