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Out of State Candidates for Nursing Home Administrator

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Ohio’s minimum requirements for Out-of-State candidates are the following:

  1. Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college.
  2. Must have at least 9-12 months experience either through an internship or actual NHA experience.
  3. No discipline on your license.
  4. Must have a current and active license.  Do not let your out-of-state license lapse until you have completed the licensure process in Ohio.

If  wish to apply for Out-of-State licensure, email the Out-Of-State / Endorsement Inquiry, to jsee@age.ohio.gov with the subject line: “Out-of-State Application.” to the board office and an application will be emailed to you.  The BELTSS office will forward you a endorsement form to send to all the State Board's where you are licensed.  If there are any fees associated with that endorsement, please call those states to arrange payment of those fees.

If your administrative experience is less than Ohio’s requirements, the board may require you to complete an internship and/or the Core of Knowledge to reach the equivalent experience/education required by Ohio.

After your application is reviewed and approved by the board, you will be required to pass the Ohio exam through NAB.

For additional information please call Jennifer See at 614-644-7516.