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Receive CE credit for Pandemic related training

Pandemic-related CEs temporarily available for government trainings!  Download the Pandemic CE Attestation form for details and instructions, and watch your email for an email from the Board with details. This program was updated by the Board at its March 3, 2021 meeting and a new email is being send with detailed information.

Please note that if you attended a pandemic CE session that has a BELTSS or NAB approval number, you DO NOT have to submit the pandemic CE form.  Just submit your course and CE certificate as usual.  The form is for those courses that are pandemic related that do not have a BELTSS or NAB approval number so that you can get credit for attending.

Also, we are getting a lot of forms with incomplete titles and some that are illegible.  Please note that these forms with errors will be returned to you for correction.

Continuing Education

The Ohio Board of Executives of Long-Term Services & Supports (BELTSS) approves Continuing Education courses for Licensed Nursing Home Administrators (LNHA) and Licensed Health Services Executives (HSE).  

Things to know:

  • A nursing home administrator is required to complete twenty (20) credit hours of continuing education per renewal period (annually).  
  • Only (10) credit hours are accepted for self-study/distance learning/webinar of continuing education per renewal period (annually).
  • Continuing education credits may not be split and applied to more than one renewal period.
  • Extra courses during your renewal period can be used towards the next renewal period. You may go back fifteen (15) months from your renewal date, provided you do not split any courses.

Selecting the "Continuing Education Resources" link on the left will feature more information about Continuing Education.


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